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Gio's Pizza Luton

Gio's Pizza Luton
Gio's Pizza Luton menu
Gio's Pizza is popular for pizza. If you love pizza, you should visit us to have a unique experience. We claim to offer the best pizza as we understand our customers and we try our best to satisfy them with the preparation and varieties. You will love the preparation and will keep visiting like most of our regular customers. We offer different types of pizzas. We are popular for pizza, but we are not restricted to pizza. You will find a few other food options in our restaurant in addition to pizza. We have tried to create a food option for all our customers. We offer both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In our restaurant, you will find Wraps, Burger Meals, Special Offers, Chicken & Chips, Pizzas, Chicken Combos, Sides, 16 Pizzas, Meal Deals, Burgers, Desserts, Drinks, and Salads. From the above list, you might have realized that you will have many dishes. But these are the name of categories available in our restaurant. You can imagine there will be wide varieties in all the categories. For example, you will have (V) Margherita with Tomato Base, (V) Margherita with BBQ Base, Hawaiian, Chicken Special, Create Your Own Pizza, Chicken Special, Garlic Pizza Bread, Veggie Volcano, Chicken Supreme, Meatfeast, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Meatball, BBQ Meatfeast, and much more in the pizza category only. If you visit menu page, you will be surprised at the result. In the burgers, there will be Cheeseburger, Half Pounder Burger, Mega Burger, Chicken Burger, Veggie Burger, and a lot of other varieties. You can visit menu page to know more about the available food in all the categories. You can also consider us for pizza parties and specific events as we offer food, drinks, and desserts. Moreover, your order will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.
About Gio's Pizza Luton menu

Gio's Pizza is famous for offering hot, crispy, and mouthwatering pizzas. People find us worth visiting and appreciate us for our food, varieties, friendly delivery service, and dedicated staff. Moreover, we are easily accessible online. You can visit our website or you can download our app depending on your convenience. Our app will be available in the apps of Google Store or App Store. The downloading will take a few minutes only. You just need to download it and then you can place the order to get the delivery. The food will be delivered at the given time. We offer both delivery and takeaway service. For takeaway, you need to visit our restaurant. We will ensure that we will prepare the food at the earliest.

Gio's Pizza Luton restaurant
Would you like to have your hot and crispy pizza? Do you want your burger and drink to be delivered to your doorstep? Do you want to surprise your kids with Garlic Pizza Bread? Are you planning a pizza party? What are you looking for? You can visit us for all these. We are located at 10 Dunstable Place, Luton, LU1 2QT. You can visit our website or restaurant. We will appreciate your visit and valuable feedback. Your feedback will help us to improve our service.